Nativity Play

Look: Girl Accidentally Flips Off Nativity Play Crowd

A five-year-old girl in England is going viral for accidentally flipping off the crowd for an entire Nativity play. Little girl doesn’t realize she’s ‘flipping the bird’ during entire nativity play — New York Post (@nypost) December 17, 2019
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Christmas Display

Christmas Display Gets Girl With Autism To Speak

There's a 13-year-old girl near Tampa who's autistic and nonverbal. And earlier this month, her neighbor's massive Christmas display got her to speak for the very first time. She started describing the decorations to her mom, then yelled, "Santa is coming!" And since then, she's said even more!...
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Watch: Little Girl's Adorable Fake Phone Call

Somebody posted video of their adorable little girl holding an old school phone, the kind with a cord, and she's in the middle of a very animated conversation. Nobody's on the other end, but she's acting like somebody is. She's mimicking words and gestures that she's seen from grownup conversations...
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Watch: Parrot Kisses Girl

Somebody in Taiwan posted video of their pet parrot kissing a young girl and making the "smooching" sound while doing it, just like humans. Video of Bird Shows Little Girl Love || ViralHog
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Watch: Little Girl Brings Home New Jacket From Pre-School

A video has gone viral of a father quizzing his two-year-old daughter about how she came home with a jacket that wasn't hers. She tells him she got it at the "jacket store" and paid "five monies" for it. Turns out she stole it from a girl at pre-school. so mila came home from school today with a...
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Look: Weezer Sends Gold Record To Girl Who Inspired "Africa" Cover

WEEZER's cover of the TOTO classic "Africa" was HUGE for them. It was their first number-one hit on the Alternative Songs chart in 10 years, and their first song on the Hot 100 in nine years. And it was all inspired by a teenage girl named Mary, who started a social media campaign back in 2017 to...
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Watch: Little Girl Doesn't Know "Where To Find A Husband"

An eight-year-old girl is crying because she has no idea where to find a husband. She had been talking with her mom about what she wants to do when she grows up. Her mom calms her down by saying she doesn't need a husband to be happy, that she'll never be alone, and that everything will be all...
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Watch: Coyote Chases Little Girl

A five-year-old girl in suburban Chicago was playing in her front yard when a coyote came running from the street and started chasing her. She said that it "almost bit her rib" as she made her way to the front porch and into the house. Doorbell cam captured the whole thing. Video of Girl attacked...
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Watch: Little Girl Loves Dad, But..."

The dad in this video got a cold dose of reality, but at least he's raising an honest daughter. The family's security cam filmed them going out the front door and she says, "I love you dad." He says he loves her back, but she wasn't finished with her first statement. She adds, "not as much as mommy...
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Watch: Little Girl Screams After Getting Jonas Brothers Tickets

A dad posted video of the unique way he gave his young daughter a cool surprise. He had her hold a signboard with a message on it, and then he read it out loud. He said, "I have no clue I'm going to the Jonas Brothers concert tonight." She screamed about as loud as you'd expect. Click Here to see...
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