Fourth of July

6 Things to Do During Your July 4 Staycation

With the 4th of July on a Thursday this year, it could be difficult to get out of dodge with a wonky work schedule in your hands. But just because you can’t hit the beach for the weekend doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be ably to enjoy your staycation. And even if your tribe has other plans, there are...
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Fourth Of July Hidden Hazards

Obviously fireworks are the big safety hazard, but here are four hidden hazards to think about as you celebrate the Fourth of July... 1. Dehydration. Some of the early signs are dizziness, fatigue, and nausea. So drink more water than normal. And catch some shade every now and then. Also, alcohol...
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Important Fireworks Safety Tips

About 300 people a day go to the ER with firework-related injuries around the Fourth of July. So, here are six important fireworks safety tips you need to remember to make your holiday safe... 1. Make sure they're legal where you are. Even if the state says certain fireworks are okay, counties and...
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Dog and Firework

Humane Society of Missouri shares Fourth of July pet safety tips.

Independence Day celebrations would not be the same without the scorching sun and fireworks lighting up the night sky. For pets, however, heat and sudden loud noises can be more harmful and frightening than fun. The Humane Society of Missouri encourages pet parents to keep their furry friends’...
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Ashton Kutcher

8 Celebrity Couples Who Got Married on the Fourth of July

Would you get married on the Fourth of July? These famous folks did.
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Six Flags St. Louis

Guests at Six Flags St. Louis Attempt to Set a World Record For Most People Waving an American Flag

Over the Fourth of July holiday, Six Flags St. Louis attempted to break a world record! Currently there is no World Record for the Most People Waving an American Flag so over the weekend a total of 209 Six Flags guests and the Army band waved their flags for a exactly 1 minute and 30 seconds. Watch...
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The Safest And Most Dangerous States On The Fourth Of July

A website called A Secure Life just ranked the states from the safest to the most dangerous places to be on the Fourth of July. And their rankings are based on what they call, quote, "two of the most prevalent dangers" on the Fourth, which are: Impaired driving and wildfires. So with that data, the...
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How Much We Spend On The Fourth Of July

According to a new study, the majority of Americans will spend less than $100 to celebrate the Fourth of July tomorrow. But one in 10 people will spend over $500, and one in 50 will drop more than $1,000! And here's what people say they're spending the majority of their money on... 1. Food, 54%. 2...
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Fourth Of July Safety Tips

We went through and broke down several Fourth of July SAFETY TIPS into five categories... 1. Fireworks. Don't let yourself have a relaxed attitude with them, because that's how accidents happen. Don't let kids use them unsupervised. Never use ILLEGAL fireworks. Never re-light a "dud." And always...
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Watch: Exploding Fourth Of July Foods

David Ma is a director who specializes in food-related shows and videos. In honor of Independence Day he put fireworks like M80s inside 4th of July picnic foods, and filmed them exploding. Stuff like hot dogs, potato salad, watermelon, and Jell-O. Video of Red, White & BOOM: An Ode to Foods...
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