Kevin "The Intern" Berghoff

Listen: Kevin's Inspirational Speech As Online School Resumes

Kevin gives a little pep talk to students resuming online classes today.
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NFL Logos

Look: NFL Team Logos Redesigned For Quarantine

A cartoonist redesigned every NFL team's logo as if they were all QUARANTINED.
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safety rules

Safety Rules Modern Parents Have To Set For Their Kids

Here are the top safety rules that maodern parents have to set for their kids.
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Look: "Text For Humanity"

You can now send INSPIRATIONAL text messages to total strangers.
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Dr. phil

Look: Dr. Phil's House For Sale

Dr. Phil recently put one of his homes on the market. Located in Los Angeles, the house, which was purchased by Dr. Phil in 2007, appears to be like every other home in the area with its yellow walls and a clay tile roof, but once you step foot into the 6,170-square-foot interior, things get a bit...
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Watch: "English For Beginners" Christmas Commercial

This is from 2016, but it's everywhere again. It's a three-minute Christmas commercial for an eBay-type company from Poland called Allegro. It features an elderly man who orders an "English for Beginners" kit online, and then practices constantly. He makes notes, listens to tapes, and studies...
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2020 movie

The Most Anticipated Movies And TV Shows For 2020

IMDB put together a list of the most anticpated MOVIES for 2020... Here they are, along with their expected release dates: 1. Margot Robbie's DC Comics movie "Birds of Prey", February 7th 2. "Sonic the Hedgehog", February 14th 3. "Top Gun: Maverick", June 26th 4. The James Bond movie "No Time to...
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Christmas Gift

Who We Are Buying Christmas Gifts For

A new survey found that we value our pets almost as much as our friends and more than our coworkers. The survey asked people who they're planning to buy gifts for, and pets were ALMOST as popular as friends. But they're DEFINITELY more popular than coworkers... 1. Family members. 75% will buy a...
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Holiday Money

Earning Extra Cash For The Holidays

A new survey asked people what they're doing this year or what they normally do to scrounge up some extra cash to afford presents, trips, food, and everything else that costs a fortune during the holiday season... 1. Taking extra shifts at work, 33%. 2. Opening a store credit card, 31%. 3. Taking a...
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Watch: Man Makes Hats For Toads

Chris Newsome noticed that he had a visitor on his porch one evening – it was a toad. And when the toad KEPT coming back, Chris decided to make it HATS! When toad hat placement goes right! #victory #toad #nailedit — Chris Newsome (@toadhatguy) April 5, 2017
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