Jennifer Aniston

Celebrities Who Auditioned For But Didn't Make "Saturday Night Live"

Some celebrities who auditioned for but didn't make the cast of "Saturday Night Live" include...
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"Shazam For Spiders" App

A new app allows people to find out if certain SPIDERS might be dangerous to humans.
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The Top Things We Settle For

More than 80% of people say they SETTLE for things that aren't the best, according to a new survey.
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Kanye West

Look: Kanye West Is Running For President

Kanye West has announced that he is running for PRESIDENT.
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Asking For A Raise During A Pandemic

Here's how you can ask for a RAISE during this pandemic...
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video singing

Watch: The Global Citizen "Unite For Our Future" Concert Highlights

Highlights from this weekend's "Unite For Our Future" concert includes...
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The Things That Are Worth The Extra Money For Your Backyard

Some things that are worth the extra money for your backyard include...
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Look: Seven-Year-Old Creates A Prom For His Babysitter

When a seven-year-old found out that his babysitter's prom was canceled, he MADE one for her!
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school buses

Watch: School Buses Spell Out "2020" To Salute Graduates

Several school buses celebrated graduation by spelling out "2020".
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wrong guy

Reasons Women Keep Falling For The Wrong Guy

Women often fall for the wrong guy, and here are some reasons WHY.
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