Jennifer Aniston

The Foods Celebrities Hate

"Us Weekly" collected quotes from various celebrities about the foods they hate... Jennifer Aniston: Caviar. "You can't acquire that taste no matter how many people say that." Khloe Kardashian: Pork. "I would for sure rather gain 10 pounds [than eat pork]." Chrissy Teigen: Hummus. "Hummus has to be...
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The Best Hangover Foods

Here are the best options for what to eat and drink if you’re nursing a post-New Year’s hangover: Black currants Research suggests that black currants, the vitamin C-rich fruit loaded with antioxidants, are the ultimate hangover helper said to assist the body in breaking down alcohol. Tomato juice...
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Trendy Foods

The Trendy Foods For 2020

Uber Eats just released its predictions for the 10 trendy foods of 2020 based on people's ordering trends... 1. Star fruit. 2. Squid ink. 3. Collagen. 4. Reishi, which is an Asian mushroom. 5. Keto diet foods. 6. Brussels sprouts. 7. Farro, which is a whole grain. 8. Harissa, which is a chili...
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The Foods That Break Our Diets During The Holidays

According to a new survey, we basically "write off" the end of the year when it comes to our health and our diets. 41% of people use the holidays as a reason to punt on healthy habits, and one in three have already started postponing those habits until January. The survey also found 47% of people...
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The Thanksgiving Foods We Secretly Dislike

68% said there's at least one classic Thanksgiving food they secretly dislike but eat anyway. And the most popular answer was canned cranberry sauce. Here are the top five answers... 1. Canned cranberry sauce. 29% hate it but eat it anyway. 2. Green bean casserole, 24%. 3. Sweet potatoes or sweet...
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Non-Breakfast Foods For Brerakfast

Here are 10 NON-breakfast foods people would eat as their morning meal. Would you? 1. Chocolate cake. 82% of us would have no problem eating cake for breakfast. 2. A peanut butter and jelly sandwich. 79% said yes. 3. Chicken strips and fries. 58% said yes. 4. Spaghetti. 56% would eat it for...
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Our Favorite Breakfast Foods

Here are our ten favorite breakfast foods... 1. Eggs. 58% said it's one of their favorite breakfast foods. 2. Sausage. 3. Toast. 4. Pancakes. 5. Bacon. 6. Cereal. 7. Fresh fruit. 8. Oatmeal. 9. Home fries. 10. Donuts. Click Here to see more.
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Foods We Bite Or Suck

A recent online survey asked about a bunch of different foods, and over a million people voted, on rather they BITE or SUCK them... 1. Ice cubes. It's almost a tie, but SUCKING wins. 51% suck, and 49% bite. 2. Orange slices. 73% bite them, and 27% suck. 3. Breath mints. 75% suck on them, and 25%...
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Our Favorite Pumpkin Spice Foods And Drinks

According to a new survey, 80% of people love pumpkin spice foods and drinks . . . and 79% would sign a petition to make it so pumpkin spice products were available year-round. The survey also found 41% of people say they'd give up carbs to get pumpkin spice lattes for life. 35% of people would...
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The Foods We Want To Eat Deep Fried At State Fairs

A new survey asked people what deep fried foods they would want to try at a state fair, and here are the results... 1. Bacon, 47% would try it. 2. Ice cream, 46%. 3. Apple pie, 45%. 4. Cookies, 42%. 5. Banana, 38%. 6. Cheesecake, 37%. 7. Candy bars, 36%. 8. Pickles, 35%. 9. Butter, 16%. 10. Soda,...
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