Keira Knightley

Look: "Love Actually" Five Year Age Difference

This post would like to remind you that there was only a five-year age difference between KEIRA KNIGHTLEY and THOMAS BRODIE-SANGSTER in "Love Actually". He was 12 and she was 17 when they filmed it. Yearly reminder that there is only a five year age gap between Thomas Brodie-Sangster and Keira...
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chicken sandwich

The Top Food Stories Of The Year

Each year, a marketing firm in New York ranks the top food-related stories that were in the news, and the WINNER was the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich. They added it to the menu in August . . . it sold out in a few days . . . and wasn't back until October. Then people literally FOUGHT each other just to...
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Look: College Student's Five-Inch Thumb

There's a 20-year-old college student named Jacob Pina from Westport, Massachusetts. And he recently posted some videos on the social network TikTok showing his insane FIVE-INCH THUMB. ( Click Here to see more.
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Watch: "Madden NFL 20" Leaves Tom Brady Hanging On A High Five

"Madden 20" is so realistic, it even features Tom Brady getting left hanging on a high five. Celebrating your record breaking performance in #Madden20 ... — Madden NFL 20 (@EAMaddenNFL) July 15, 2019
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"Double Dipping" Or "The Five-Second Rule"

What's riskier: DOUBLE DIPPING or THE FIVE SECOND RULE? According to a new study by a food scientist, a bowl of dip where someone's DOUBLE DIPPED is filled with MORE bacteria than the average floor. So, now you know. Click Here to see more.
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Look: Arby's Five Mega Meat Stack

Arby's has a new sandwich called the Five Mega Meat Stack that's literally five different types of meat stacked up: Bacon . . . ham . . . roast beef . . . roast turkey . . . and a fried chicken patty. ( They're on sale now for a limited time and each one is 900 calories (which is almost...
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Look: "Batkid" Five Years Cancer-Free

Remember the BATKID from 2013, the kid with leukemia who dressed as Batman as part of his Make-a-Wish? Well great news: He's now five years cancer-free! Miles Scott, who stole everyone's hearts as a 5-year-old Leukemia patient when he took over San Francisco as Batkid in 2013, has been in remission...
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Share The Plot Of Your Favorite Movie In Five Words

Yesterday, the Twitter account of the Motion Picture Academy asked followers to describe the plot of their favorite movie using only five words. And some of the responses were pretty great. One of the best was this description of "Titanic": WOMAN WILL NOT SHARE DOOR. Here are a few others: "The...
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Viral Video: Tonight Show Fallon Five: Paul Rudd

Jimmy Fallon is doing five-minute shows during the Olympics every night this week. Last night he did a one-minute interview with Paul Rudd. (Paul didn't get to say much since the bit was about Jimmy interrupting him for the next question every time he opened his mouth.) Video of Tonight Show Fallon...
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