Astros Fire Manager And GM For Stealing Signs

Houston Astros Manager AJ HINCH and General Manager JEFF LUHNOW were suspended for all of next season for stealing signs, but the team took it to the next level by firing BOTH. Click Here to see more.
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A Family In Waterloo, Illinois Loses Their House To A Fire

I've talked about and have shared several GoFundMe pages, but never have they been for a close friend or family member. Unfortunately, that changes today. On November 13th 2019, a chimney fire destroyed my cousin's home. Kelley Shylanski Kelley Shylanski Kelley Shylanski It's my turn to ask for...
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Watch: Horse Runs Back To Save Family From Fire

A video is going viral of a horse running back into the fire in California to get his family out. Video of the day from the #EasyFire . A horse goes back into the blaze to get his family. — Logan Hall (@LoganHallNews) October 30, 2019
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Courtney's Canine Clips: Wolves Howl At Fire Alarm

There's a safari park in England named Longleat, and they've discovered that every time they do the weekly fire alarm test, their pack of European wolves goes into a "howling frenzy." Video of Wolves howling to fire alarm tests at Wolf Wood!
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Watch: "Lighting Hair On Fire" Drinking Game

Why would you even try to do this? Wedding guests set FIRE to their hair in a crazy drinking game??!! Video of Video: Wedding guests set FIRE to their hair in crazy drinking game
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Watch: Third Graders Surprise Classmate With New Toys After Fire

An eight-year-old kid who lives near Knoxville, Tenn. named Daniel Hunt lost all his toys in a fire last month. But on Friday, his entire third-grade class surprised him with NEW toys to replace the old ones. Click Here to see more and watch Daniel's reaction.
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Watch: Fire On Football Field

A pyrotechnics machine caught on fire before the start of the Tennessee Titans game on Sunday. A speaker caught fire here at Nissan Stadium. This is not part of the pregame plan. — Zak Keefer (@zkeefer) September 15, 2019
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Hero saves his 8 year old niece in house fire; 'I'd rather get burnt than her'

(KYKY) - A Washington man is recovering from second- and third-degree burns after he risked his life to save his 8-year-old niece. #BREAKING Aberdeen fire hero Derrick Byrd on rushing back into a burning house to rescue his niece. 6pm on #KOMONews — Keith Eldridge (@...
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WATCH: Firefighters Dodge Rockets Shooting From Burning Container of Fireworks

(Y98) - This year, one of the country's biggest, most colorful 4th of July fireworks displays didn't even draw a large crowd. Then again, no one was expecting it to happen. A fire at Davey Jones' Fireworks and the House of Fireworks -- adjoining stores in Fort Mill, South Carolina -- kept...
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Watch: Lamborghini Catches Fire At Gas Station

A guy in North Carolina was filling up his Lamborghini at a Walmart gas station on Saturday when it caught on FIRE. No one was hurt, but the car was a total loss. Click Here to watch the video.
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