The Most Common Pre-Wedding Fights

A lot of people get married this time of year. And money is probably the top thing that causes pre-wedding fights. But it's not the only thing. According to relationship experts, here are four more common wedding related arguments... 1. Where to get married. It isn't usually a "church vs. winery"...
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Courtney's Canine Clips: Gas Station Dog Fights Off Robbers

Employees at a gas station in Mexico adopted a stray dog about two years ago. Then earlier this month, he woke up in the night and fought off two ARMED MEN who were trying to rob the place.
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Watch: Kid Convinces Town To Lift Ban On Snowball Fights

A nine-year-old kid in the town of Severance, Colorado gave an impassioned speech to his city council on Monday and got them to overturn a 98-year-old law that had made snowball fights illegal within city limits. Video of 9-Year-Old Boy Convinces Colorado Town To Overturn Snowball Fight Ban | NBC...
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Parental Battles

According to a new survey, parents will have an average of more than 4,200 BATTLES with their kids. And that's only from ages two to 18. It doesn't even count all the arguments you'll have once they're adults. That's based on an average of just over five arguments a week for 16 years which works...
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Watch: Hero Pensioner Takes On Three Armed Robbers

Security video filmed three robbers storming a betting parlor in Ireland. Two were carrying hammers and one had a gun. There were three customers, and two of them hit the floor, but the third guy, a feisty senior citizen, didn't. He went behind the counter and started tangling with one of the...
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Arguments with Your Kids

Here's How Many Arguments You Will Have With Your Kids This Year

Most parents will say having kids was the best thing they've ever done . . . but only in the middle of yelling at them to sit down, shut up, and finish their dinner. A new survey found the average parent has six separate arguments with their kids each DAY. Which works out to 42 arguments a week...
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