dirty dishes

Fighting About Doing The Dishes

The average household has 217 FIGHTS A YEAR about doing dishes??!!
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Listen: Courtney & Company Interview The Disease-Fighting, Blues-Inspiring Superfan Laila Anderson

11-year-old Laila Anderson is fighting a very rare disease, and our St. Louis Blues where not only inspired by her story, but they've made her sort of their "lucky charm". Laila joined Courtney & company to share a little about her story and "her boys".
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Tips For Not Fighting On Facebook

Fighting on social media rarely makes you look good, or feel good. So when you're about to get into a Facebook fight, here are four rules to follow... 1. First, determine your motivation. Stop and ask yourself, "Why am I commenting?" Because once you think it through, you might realize it's not...
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Watch: Marvel Actors Respond To Fan Fighting Cancer

Marvel actors Ryan Reynolds, Tom Holland, Chris Evans, Chris Pratt, and Hugh Jackman made videos for a 17-year-old fan with terminal cancer. PLEASE SHARE THE HELL OUT OF THIS! He only has a couple of months to live, we need to make his wish come true before it’s too late --❤️
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