Watch: Baseball Game Food Fight

The St. Paul Saints are an independent baseball team in Minnesota, and they celebrated the 40th anniversary of "Animal House" by having some 8,000 fans participate in a food fight. It was inspired by the famous John Belushi scene. The fans were given ponchos to protect themselves, plus food packets...
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Look: Celebrity Spatulas To Fight Hunger

SCARLETT JOHANSSON, GWEN STEFANI, KEVIN BACON, and other celebrities have designed their own SPATULAS which you can buy to fight hunger in America. ( Click Here to see more.
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Watch: Courtney's Canine Clips: Dog Stops Cat Fight

Somebody posted video of a cat that's about to mix it up with another cat on a sidewalk. And then a dog comes up and gently drags one of the cats away. good boy doesn't let a fight break out ---- — Gaml .y (@m_yosry2012) August 10, 2018
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Watch: Woman Narrates Lame Road Rage Fight

A woman shot video earlier this week of two middle-aged men and their lame road rage fight on a Texas highway. It's mostly them kicking each other in the shins until she beeps her horn and says, "Can we get some movement?" Her funny commentary during the fight is what makes it great.
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Will Dennis Quaid Pay Per Puff?

Dennis Quaid simply couldn't take it anymore! So he did a big no-no during a commercial flight; he smoked! And one passenger sees a payday. Karl Larsen says his “peace of mind" was assaulted. He’s suing Dennis Quaid for the cost of that flight which was about $3700! That’s not a cheap cancer stick...
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Watch: Bench-Clearing Brawl Turns Into Tickle Fight

A scuffle between the Cubs and Marlins turned into a TICKLE FIGHT between the Cubs' Kris Bryant and former teammate Starlin Castro now of the Marlins. The scuffle between the Cubs and Marlins turned into a tickle fight between Kris Bryant and former teammate Starlin Castro. --
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