Mike Tyson

Watch: Mike Tyson To Fight Shark For "Shark Week"

Mike Tyson is going to be a part of "Shark Week" on the Discovery Channel this year by...
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rock guitar

Look: The Scariest Band Names To Fight

There's a Twitter thread asking if band names were literal, which would be the scariest to fight.
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Beanie Babies

Look: New Beanie Babies' "Hope" Helps Fight COVID-19

You can buy a new Beanie Babies and the profits go to the United Way's COVID-19 relief fund.
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Jack Dorsey

Look: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Pledges $1 Billion To Fight COVID-19

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has committed $1 BILLION to fight the coronavirus.
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Watch: Oprah And Others Donate Millions To Fight The Coronavirus

Lots of celebrities are donating large sums of money to help fight COVID-19.
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What Married Couples Fight About

A relationship app called Lasting surveyed 75,000 married couples and found the top five things couples fight about... 1. Chores. Experts say the best way to avoid that one is to just split them up 50/50. Or as close to it as possible. 2. The definition of "clean." Men and women don't always agree...
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Look: Sword fight Over Trash

Two guys in Florida got in a fight a few months ago over who could take an item out of a neighbor's PILE OF TRASH. One guy wound up swinging a SAMURAI SWORD at the other, and he was arrested for attempted murder. ( Click Here to see more.
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Watch: Grizzly Bears Fight

A RARE video of two grizzly bears having a vicious fight is making the rounds. They're in the middle of a road in Canada, and at first there's a lot of posturing and grunting, but when they start wrestling it's serious business. Video of Caught on camera: Grizzly bears fight in northern B.C.
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How Hand Sanitizer Can Really Fight The Flu

A study found hand sanitizer CAN fight the flu, but you have to rub your hands together for FOUR MINUTES to get it to completely kill all the flu germs. You're better off just washing your hands, which kills flu germs in just 30 seconds. Click Here to see more.
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Watch: Trash Can Lid Joke Fight

It doesn't get any more "little boy" than this. Two giggling kids take turns getting hit in the head by the popup lid of an aluminum trash can. One steps on the pedal while the other stands in front waiting to get thumped. Video of Kids Jokingly Hit Each Other With Trash Can's Lid by...
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