Feel Good Story


A Mom Skipped Her Own Graduation To Go To Her Son's And They Ended Up Graduating Together

This is a good reminder of all the times your mom put you ahead of herself. A mom in Michigan named Sharonda Wilson has been trying to get her bachelor's degree at Ferris State University, and just graduated. Meanwhile, her son Stephan also just graduated from Central Michigan and both of their...
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A Woman Bought Out A Payless Store And Gave The Shoes To Flood Victims

Payless filed for bankruptcy back in February and all 2,100 locations in the U.S. will close down by the end of May, but at least one piece of good news came out of it. A 25-year-old woman in Kansas named Addy Tritt recently popped into a Payless store that was having a liquidation sale. They had...
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Kids Hug

A Couple Uprooted Their Lives To Adopt Their Niece's Five Kids

This couple deserves credit for stepping up when no one else would. Karen and Tyrone Mack live outside D.C. They're both 55 years old. All their kids are grown and out of the house. So a few years ago, they thought life was getting easier. But Tyrone has a niece with a serious drug problem who also...
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A Donut Shop's Customers Are Buying Out The Inventory Daily So The Owner Can Spend Time With His Sick Wife

There's a guy named John Chhan who owns a donut shop in Seal Beach, California. He and his wife Stella have been working together at the shop every morning since they came to the country as refugees from Cambodia almost 40 years ago. Some of his regular customers recently noticed Stella wasn't...
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Pizza Party

A Make-A-Wish Kid Asked For A Pizza Party For His School

We try to teach our kids to be good, decent people, but sometimes they can teach us too. Wouldn't it be great if the whole world was this unselfish? There's a 9-year-old kid in South Dakota named Javier Amos who's been battling leukemia and the best news is he's now in remission. He also just did...
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Stuffed Animal

A Four-Year-Old Lost His Stuffed Animal And Cops Bought Him A New One

Last fall, a four-year-old kid from Brooklyn named Will Ketcher was driving with his family through Rhode Island and he was hanging his favorite stuffed animal out the window when he dropped it. They were on the interstate, and his parents knew it was too dangerous to go back and pick it up. But he...
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