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What To Feed Kids While Distance Learning

Nutrition experts share what to feed kids while distance learning.
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Matthew McConaughey Helps Feed First Responders

Matthew McConaughey teamed up with Wild Turkey to prepare and deliver 800 meals to first responders fighting the California wildfires. He said, quote, "Being able to provide meals to the men and women who put themselves on the line is an honor." Click Here to see more.
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Watch: Burger King's "Feed Your Nightmares" Commercial

Burger King has a new chicken sandwich coming out next week called the Nightmare King, and it's got a GREEN BUN, and according to a study they ran, it increases your chances of having NIGHTMARES. Video of Burger King | Feed Your Nightmares
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Foods That Are Bad for Your Cat

Here's something left over from World Cat Day last week. Someone polled 2,000 cat owners and asked them which foods they SHOULDN'T feed their cats. For example, 66% didn't know MILK is actually bad for them. Here are nine more foods that are bad for your cat, and how many cat owners have no idea...
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