Viral Video: Russian Postal Drone Fail

Russia launched its very first postal drone on Monday, and it crashed into a building less than 15 seconds after takeoff. It was supposed to deliver a package to a nearby village. Russia's first postal drone takes its maiden flight - and crashes straight into a wall. More from @ReutersTV : https://...
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Viral Video: Awkward "Price Is Right" Handshake Fail

On yesterday's "The Price is Right", a guy won the Showcase Showdown and left Drew Carey hanging on a handshake. Then Drew gets totally denied when he DOES go in for the handshake. Video of Awkward Price is Right handshake fail.
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Viral Video: Vaulting Fail

It's not clear where this happened, but you could tell how it was going to end from the get-go. Some guy tried to pole vault across a creek using a long PVC pipe. He makes it over once, but on the return attempt the pole bends in half and he falls all the way in. Video of Guy Vaulting Over Creek...
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Viral Video: Cool Dude Boat Dancing Fail

This was from last month in Brazil, but it's making the rounds now. A guy is on a boat and showing off his sexy dance moves. His friends encourage him so he pulls himself onto the railing and does hip thrusts . . . until he loses his grip and face-plants on the deck. Apparently he wasn't hurt...
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Reasons New Businesses Fail

A new study looked at the post-mortem statements of 50 startups that FAILED for one reason or another. A post-mortem is basically a rundown of what went right, and what didn't. Here are the top ten reasons they didn't succeed... 1. No market need. 42% of the statements included something about how...
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Viral Video: Laptop Thief Fail

Watch a woman fight off a laptop thief and WIN!
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