Lego Movie

Watch: Lego's "Hands, Elbows, Face And Space!" Song

The characters from the "Lego Movie" give tips about how to stay healthy during the coronavirus pandemic.
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Cindy Crawford

Watch: Cindy Crawford's Son Gets Face Tattoo

Presley Gerber recently debuted a new FACE tattoo.
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Post Malone

Look: Post Malone Gets New Face Tattoo

It's ANOTHER face tattoo for Post Malone.
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Look: Teen With "Face Of 60-Year-Old" Gets Surgery

A girl who has a FACE OF A 60-YEAR-OLD just got a life-changing surgery.
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washing machine

Look: Baby In Washing Machine Turns Out To Be T-Shirt

A dad in Russia was terrified when he thought his baby was in the washing machine, but it turns out it was a t-shirt with his baby's face on it. Dad is left terrified after seeing a t-shirt with his baby’s face on it pressed against the washing machine door https://t.co/PHFENDXqpH — Daily Mail...
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Watch: After The Selfie Reaction

The TV cameras at a Toronto Maple Leafs game filmed a guy and his date in the crowd, and they're smiling at her phone while she takes a selfie. But when the selfie's over the guy's face completely changes. He goes from smiling to looking like he'd rather be anywhere else on the planet. -- #Leafs #...
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Putting On A "Game Face"

According to a new study, when you put on a "game face," it really CAN help you perform better. So slap a determined look on your face next time you have to do something important. Click Here to see more.
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Watch: Fish Has Human Face

Someone posted video of a carp swimming in a pond in China, and it looks like it has a human face. But what you're really seeing are the markings on its head which look just like a human face. This fish has human face ---------- pic.twitter.com/tlQvRHMoFB — lovepower (@fun4laugh2) November 10, 2019
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Loading Sliverware In The Dishwasher

When you load a dishwasher, should you put the silverware in so it's pointing up or down? According to an "expert," face-down is the way to go. Especially with knives, so you won't cut yourself. It's also more hygienic, because you only have to touch the handles, not the part of a spoon or fork...
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Do You Have The Right Face For A Robot?

A tech company in the U.K. is looking for a, quote, "kind and friendly face" to use on its new line of robot 'friends' for old people. And they're letting anyone apply by uploading a photo online. Then whoever they choose will get $130,000! They're being fairly secretive about it, and won't even...
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