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Pedal Pub

Cycle Saloon Coming To Downtown St. Louis!

Big news for downtown dwellers and visitors! Instead of a bar crawl downtown, you will now be able to take a barcycle through downtown St. Louis! According to River Front Times , a new business called Cycle Saloon will be booking "barcycles" in downtown and in Soulard. If you are unfamiliar with a...
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Taylor Swift Clear See Through Purses Only Allowed at St. Louis Taylor Swift

PSA: Clear See Through Purses or Small Clutch Only Allowed at Taylor Swift Tonight!

If you plan on bringing the kitchen sink in your purse to Taylor Swift tonight, think again. According to Explore St. Louis, you are only allowed to bring a clear plastic bag, purse or 1 standard gallon disposable freezer bag. You are also allowed a small clutch purse no larger than the size of...
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