Things We Do Out Of Convenience Even Though We Know They're Bad For The Environment

Here are the top ten things we do out of convenience, even though we know they're bad for the environment... 1. Buying single-use batteries instead of rechargeable ones. 2. Using plastic straws. 3. Using paper or plastic bags at the grocery store instead of reusable bags. 4. Using plastic bags for...
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Nice weather? Add this to your weekend to-do list!

Are you in need of more FREE, family-friendly, fun activities this summer and beyond? Look no further than Discovery Days at The Watershed Nature Center, located only 23 miles from the Arch, in Edwardsville, Illinois! Discovery Days - held the fourth Saturday of every month throughout the year (...
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Beyonce Celebrates World Water Day by Helping Others

On World Water Day (March 22), Beyonce is partnering with Gucci and Chime for Change in support of her BEYGOOD4BURUNDI initiative with UNICEF.
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