Look: New "Avengers" Emojis

Twitter has introduced 40 new "Avengers" emojis. Uncover the new Marvel Studios' #AvengersEndgame Twitter emojis from @100Soft ! Which one's your favorite? https://t.co/unbWs1h9PB — Marvel Entertainment (@Marvel) April 16, 2019
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Look: Emojis On License Plates

Queensland, Australia just announced they're going to start letting people get personalized license plates next month that have EMOJIS on them. There are four emojis available: The laugh-out-loud face, the winking face, the smiling face with sunglasses, and the hearts-for-eyes face.
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Look: The Newest Emojis

The Unicode Consortium is a nonprofit that runs a bunch of different standards for the Internet. And no one really paid attention to them until a few years ago when we found out they control EMOJIS. They just announced 230 new emojis that should roll out to your phone sometime later in the year...
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eviction notice

Apartment's Eviction Notices Uses a Smiling Emoji and People Aren't Happy

A person who lives at an apartment notice in Memphis, Tennessee got an eviction notice last week. And it was taped to their door on a bright piece of orange paper that said, quote, "Guess who's moving? YOU!!!" along with big picture of a smiling emoji. And even though the person hadn't been paying...
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New Emojis For 2018

The nonprofit ground that regulates the official set of emojis is the Unicode Consortium. And they just announced the finalized list of the 157 new emojis for 2018, which should hit our phones in the summer or the fall. Here's some of what you can expect... 1. Six new yellow faces, including a hot...
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Photo: The Most Popular Emojis

Apple released a list of the emojis people use the MOST.
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