Fans including Laura Branigan's legacy manager email their support for 24 hours of 'Gloria'

24 Hours of "Gloria" is a hit!!!! We received this email from Laura Branigan's close friend, which is so kind and thoughtful: Hi all at Y98! I was Laura Branigan’s manager and close friend, and then transitioned to her legacy management. What a game last night! Congratulations to the Blues and...
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Email Etiquette Tips

Most of us have been using email for over 20 years. And you still might be doing it wrong. Here are five email etiquette tips to follow... 1. Don't "reply all" unless you really need to. Does everyone on the email chain really NEED to see your response? Sometimes they don't, and it saves them time...
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Look: Vegas Bachelorette Party Email

There's an email going viral from a woman going to a Vegas bachelorette party. She emailed everyone a list of rules including no liquor, no sex, and a church trip she scheduled for Sunday morning. ( Click Here to see the full email.
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A Listener Email Sent To Jill Devine

You know what's unfortunate? Let me tell you. When I get an email from a listener I always take a deep breath before opening it because 8 out of 10 times, it's not a positive email. Sometimes people just want to complain and I have learned (and still learning) not to take it personally. Well, this...
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The Most Annoying Phrases People Use In Email

A new survey asked people for the most ANNOYING phrases that people use in their work emails. Here are the top nine... 1. "Not sure if you saw my last email." 2. "Per my last email." 3. "Per our conversation." 4. "Any update on this?" 5. "Sorry for the double email." 6. "Please advise." 7. "As...
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Netflix Email Scam

Netflix Scam
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