Happening Now Through August 31st, Lunches for Learning At Nathaniel Reid Bakery

Nathaniel Reid Bakery (11243 Manchester Rd, Kirkwood, MO 63122) announces the second annual “Lunches for Learning,” a back-to-school lunch special to support Kirkwood schools. From the first day of school for the district on Thursday, August 15 until Saturday, August 31, twenty percent of the...
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WATCH: St. Louis Is Now Home To The First Center For Plant-Based Living

In the St. Louis area, most people know Caryn Dugan as STL Veg Girl, but now she will be famous for something else. Today, the country will no longer be without a fully plant-based nutrition and culinary education center because of Caryn's work and dedication. The Center for Plant-based Living is...
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The Drink Of The Summer

Alcoholic seltzers like White Claw, Bon & Viv, and Truly are the drink of the summer. Sales are way up including a 30% jump in just the past month. Click Here to see more.
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Jill Devine and Darla Crask of Ices Plain & Fancy

WATCH: Jill learns how to make Nitro Ice Cream from Ices Plain & Fancy

(KYKY) — On a hot July afternoon, there's nothing better than delicious ice cream. I got to satisfy my craving this week when I stopped by the local small business Ices Plain & Fancy and learned about how they make their ice cream from LIQUID NITROGEN! How cool?! ... LITERALLY! Darla Crask,...
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French Fries

Saturday Is National French Fry Day

National French Fry Day is tomorrow ( Saturday, July 13) and what better way to celebrate than with McDonald’s World-Famous Fries delivered right to your door! McDelivery with Uber Eats will be offering a free medium fry with orders on July 13 starting at 11 a.m. until midnight to celebrate the...
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Clementine’s Naughty & Nice Creamery

Celebrate National Ice Cream Day At Clementine’s Creamery 

Clementine’s Naughty & Nice Creamery, the only all-natural micro-creamery in the state of Missouri, is gearing up for the sweetest day of the year – National Ice Cream Day! On Sunday, July 21 the first 50 paying customers in line at each of their three locations will receive a free limited...
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Pigging Out Every Now And Then Isn't That Bad, And Your Body Can Adapt

If you're planning to eat-and-drink your way through Memorial Day weekend, this might help with the guilt. A new study found our bodies actually bounce back fairly quickly after a big day of gluttony and occasional overeating probably won't cause long-term issues. But that doesn't mean you can...
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Look: Soft Drink Bathing Suits

There's a clothing company called Public Space that just rolled out a bunch of new bathing suits featuring drink logos from the '90s including Capri Sun, Hi-C Orange Lavaburst, Arizona Iced Tea, and Crystal Pepsi. All of them are available in men's swim trunks and one-pieces for women, except the...
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Just Looking At A Cup Of Coffee Can Help Wake You Up

If you're trying to cut back on the ungodly amount of coffee you drink, maybe this will help: You don't need to drink it to get the benefits, you just need to see it. According to a new study out of the University of Toronto, if you just look at a cup of coffee in the morning, it'll help wake you...
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What Happens To Your Body Every Time You Drink A Soda

If you've been wanting to kick your soda habit, maybe this will help motivate you. It's a breakdown of exactly what happens to your body every time you drink a soda or other sugary drink... 1. Your blood sugar spikes. Within the first 15 minutes of drinking a soda, your intestines send the sugar...
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