Look: Cleveland Browns Don't Lose

The Cleveland Browns did something staggering yesterday, they managed to play an entire football game and NOT LOSE. Of course, they didn't win either. Their game against the Pittsburgh Steelers ended in a 21-21 TIE. @flash_garrett had himself a DAY. 2️⃣ sacks and 2️⃣ forced fumbles! #PITvsCLE (--:...
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Stars That DON'T Have A Star On the Hollywood Walk Of Fame

The Walk of Fame has more than 2,600 stars. But, there are actually a lot of big name celebrities who do NOT have one yet. Here are some of them... 1. Carrie Fisher 2. Leonardo DiCaprio 3. Prince. He turned down a star back in the '80s. 4. Julia Roberts. She turned down the honor. 5. Clint Eastwood...
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Viral Video: "Don't Touch My Food!"

A mom and toddler are feeding pigeons when one of the birds grabs a bite of food. But the toddler wants it more so she grabs the pigeon by the head, takes the food out of its mouth . . . and eats it. "Don't touch my food"
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Why We Don't Like New Music As We Get Older

Here's why you don't like new music once you get older. A new study found your music taste is basically locked in by the time you're 16, so you gravitate toward the type of music, and the actual songs, that were popular when you were in middle school and high school. Click Here to see more.
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Weird Things We Do But Don't Talk About

Here are some WEIRD behaviors that most of us do, but we NEVER talk about them.
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