Courtney's Canine Clips: Dogs Being Reunited With Their Families

Canada's "Epoch Times" has a collection of dogs reuniting with their families. Some have been separated for years, but when they realize who it is, they go crazy. They're not all new clips, but they're all terrific.
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Courtney's Canine Clips: Why Dogs Have "Sad Puppy" Eyes

When your dog makes sad puppy eyes to get you to do something, that's not an accident. A new study found that about 33,000 years of evolution have helped dogs develop the muscles to make that face because it helps them get what they want from humans. @payton.and.camila are so cute they make it...
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Courtney's Canine Clips: Dogs And Stress

When you're super stressed it affects the people around you. Turns out it ALSO affects the animals around you. A new study out of Sweden found that when dog owners are stressed, their DOGS get stressed out too. The researchers believe it's because your dog is very emotionally dependent on you, and...
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Stray rescues inaugural brunch for mutts

ST. LOUIS (KYKY)-- Let’s raise our forks as we come together to raise money and celebrate the animals in our St. Louis Community! Brunch for Mutts 2019 is Stray Rescue’s first annual dine-out event where restaurants all over the St. Louis Metro Area generously donate a percentage of their profits...
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A dog watching a movie with popcorn

You Can Bring Your Dog and Drink Unlimited Wine at This Movie Theater

If you hate people talking during movies, what about barking? A new dog-friendly movie theater has opened in Texas and not only can you bring your four-legged friend, but you can also throwback endless amounts of wine. Depending on your feelings, this is either the most amazing thing ever or a...
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Rescue Dogs Get the Royal Treatment at Adorable Puppy Prom

Prom season is for the dogs, literally! 55 adopted pooches put on their royal best to celebrate the Helen Woodward Animal Center‘s 7th Annual Puppy Prom, according to People . The San Diego animal rescue throws the event to honor all the dogs that have recently found homes with their new owners. On...
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Courtney's Canine Clips: Dogs Fetching Beer

This is just another reason why dogs are man's best friends... Video of "Dogs Fetching Beer Compilation" || CFS
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Courtney's Canine Clips: Dogs Can't Wait To Board School Bus

These dogs can’t wait to climb aboard the Doggie School Bus which takes them to an outdoor dog day care in West Linn, Oregon.
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Spencer the Boston Marathon dog

WATCH: Dog waves 'Boston Strong' flag for marathon runners every year since 2015

BOSTON, Mass. (KYKY) — Since 2015, the Boston Marathon has been attended by a very, very good boy. Spencer is a golden retriever who has been supporting runners of the annual marathon through rain or shine. He went viral last year when his owner Rich Powers shared a video of him out in the cold,...
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Courtney's Canine Clips: Dogs Lick Bald Man's Head

This guy's a good sport. His wife filmed their two dogs licking his bald head like it was the best thing they've ever tasted. And it probably was. Since she wrote that it started after he scratched his head with "cheesy Doritos fingers." Once the dogs got a taste they couldn't stop licking.
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