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Soldier Reunited With Dog She Met While Overseas

Organization helps reunite soldier with dog she met while on peacekeeping mission overseas
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Happy Black Dog Day

Celebrate National Black Dog Day

Happy National Black Dog Day
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Adoptable Rottie Nana needs forever home

Adoptable Rottie "Nana" needs a forever home from CARE STL

Adoptable rottweiler shelter dog named "Nana" needs a forever home!
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Do you see a DOG or a CLOWN

Do you see a DOG or a CLOWN

The internet can't decide if this is a dog or a clown.
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dog potato

Look: Gardener Harvests Potato That Resembles Her Dog

This gardener did a double take while digging up some potatoes.
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dog brew

Watch: "Bog Brew By Busch"

"Dog Brew by Busch" quickly sold out, but the company said interested customers are being put on a waiting list while more product is produced.
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St. Bernard

The Best Pop Culture Dog

The best DOG in pop culture is...
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dog names

Human Or Dog Name?

Would your name work better if you were a DOG?
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Dog Mascot

Look: College Dog Mascots Zoom Call

A bunch of NCAA dog mascots got on a Zoom call together
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Easter Dog

Look: Cadbury's New "Easter Bunny"

A dog becomes Cadbury's NEW "Easter Bunny".
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