Watch: Reporter Doesn't Know She's Talking To Def Leppard's Guitarist

A Houston reporter named Syan Rhodes was doing man-on-the-street interviews recently, when she asked some British guy what he was doing in Houston. He told her he was in town playing with a band. She asked him, quote, "Is it, like, a band I would recognize?" He replied, "Probably, yeah." Turns out...
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Watch: Kid's Reflection Doesn't Match Up

This clip has been racking up tons of hits. It's a young boy standing in front of a floor-length mirror, and then his reflection starts walking away BEFORE he does. Obviously, it's an optical illusion, but still! the more i watch this, the crazier it gets. -- — jolynn...
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Look: Volcano Doesn't Interrupt Golf

Kilauea’s fury stormed ahead full pace this week, but some Hawaiians are still managing to go about their business and get a putt in along the way... (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images) Click Here to see more.
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Courtney's Canine Clips: When Your Dog doesn't Want To Come Inside

Check out Tasha hiding behind a planter as her owner tries to call her back inside.
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Photo: Eyeliner Doesn't Run After Accident

A woman got in a serious car accident in Hawaii last year, and afterwards she noticed her eyeliner hadn't run when she was crying. And she was so impressed she told that story in a review, and even posted a selfie from the hospital. Sorry I haven't posted in a few days and I am sorry I don't have a...
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Viral Video: Teen Doesn't Know How To Use A Rotary Phone

Here's a funny video going around where a grandma yells at her granddaughter for not knowing how to use a rotary phone. Video of Teenager doesn't know how to use rotary phone - Daily Mail
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