Watch: McDonald's McFlurry Spoon Explained

There is finally an answer as to WHY the McDonald's McFlurry SPOON looks the way it does.
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Fred Armisen

Watch: Fred Armisen Does Every North American Accent

Fred Armisen performs EVERY North American accent.
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Watch: Massive C-17 Does Flyby

There was an airshow in Brisbane, Australia that featured massive planes doing flybys through the city and between skyscrapers. One guy was in a building filming a C-17 as it approached, and the closer it got, the bigger it looked. Awesome shots of RAAF C-17 at Brisbane River Fire Air Show The Mach...
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What A Beard Does For Your Emotions

You'd think that growing a beard would COVER your face enough that it'd be harder for people to read how you're feeling. And you'd be wrong. According to a new study out of Australia, having a beard actually AMPLIFIES your emotions. So when you're mad, you look FURIOUS. When you're happy, you look...
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Watch: Plane Has Own Fireworks Show

There's a plane called The Scandinavian Catwalk that does its own fireworks show, and there's a video of it in action at an airshow in Australia. It does tricks like a stunt plane, but it also shoots out lasers and all kinds of fireworks. Video of Plane Shooting LASERS At The CROWD | Friday...
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How To Order From Starbucks So The Barista Doesn't Judge You

If you've ever gone to Starbucks and wondered whether the barista is secretly JUDGING you based on your order, the answer is... Maybe. But here are five tips to follow so that doesn't happen... 1. Say your order in the right sequence. The first thing you should tell the cashier is the drink size...
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Look: What Does Your Name Taste Like?

There's a woman from Scotland named Julie McDowall who has synesthesia and can "taste" words. And she's going viral after she started charging a small fee to tell people on Twitter what their name tastes like. I can't possibly answer everyone's name taste requests. 6 MILLION Twitter activity in...
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Weird Things Your Body Does In Cold Weather

Most of the country, including St. Louis, is an ice box right now because of the polar vortex. Here are seven weird things your body does in freezing cold weather... 1. It immediately redirects blood away from your extremities, and toward your vital organs. As soon as the cold air hits you, your...
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Watch: What A Little Ice Does For Your Morning

Here's a porch-cam video of a woman leaving her house. She locks the door, goes down the steps to her driveway, which appears to be wet from rain. But it's covered in ice, and she falls to her knees and slides backwards until she's out of the picture. Video of What a little ice does for your morning
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Look: Caitlyn Jenner Takes "10-Year Challenge"

Cailtlyn Jenner did the 10-Year Challenge with Caitlyn on the right, and BRUCE on the left. She said, quote, "Now THAT is a 10-Year Challenge. Be authentic to yourself." Now THAT is a #10YearChallenge Be authentic to yourself -- A post shared by Caitlyn Jenner (@caitlynjenner) on Jan 15, 2019 at 8:...
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