Do You Drink More Coffee Than These Famous People?

Do you drink more or less coffee than these famous people?
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Haunted House

Do You Live In A Haunted House?

13% of people say they're living in a house that's HAUNTED.
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Do These Things This Fall For A Better Winter

Some things to do this fall to have a BETTER winter include...
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parenting hack

'Screen Time Rewards' And Other Parenting Hacks To Get Kids To Do Stuff

Some parenting HACKS to get kids to do things include...
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smart speaker

Surprising Things Alexa Can Do For You

Some SURPRISING things that ALEXA can do for you inlcude...
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fall activities

Fall Activities You Can Still Do Despite The Pandemic

Some fall activities that you can still DO despite the pandemic include...
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dog in pants

How Do Dogs Wear Pants?

There's been a question floating around the Internet for a while now that asks people: How do dogs wear pants?
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lunch break

What People Actually Do On Their Lunch Break

Only one in five people use their lunch break to actaully EAT lunch.
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The Things Couples Do That Lead To Divorce

Some things that couples do that lead to DIVORCE inlcude...
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The Things We Do Exactly The Same Every Day

Some things that peole do EXACTLY the same every day include...
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