Fundraiser: Arnold-Imperial Optimist Club Helps Pay Down School Lunch Debt

Many children depend on a nutritious lunch to help them through their school day. The Arnold-Imperial Optimist club would like to raise funds to help local families pay off school lunch debt becuase they believe all students should have access to quality lunches, no matter their family's financial...
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The Best Strategy For Paying Off Debt

It takes forever to pay off debt if you only pay the minimum each month. If you owe $2,000 on 18% interest, it would take over 30 YEARS to pay it all off. Obviously that's not the best strategy. So what IS the best way to pay off debt? With credit card debt, most people say to pay off the card with...
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Seattle TV Station Helps Viewers' Medical Debts

A reporter in Seattle named Jesse Jones got his station to buy up $1 million worth of viewers' outstanding medical debt this month for just $12,000. Then they forgave ALL of it. So about 1,000 people in their viewing area will be getting letters that say they don't owe money anymore. Click Here to...
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