May 21, 2018; St. Louis, MO, USA; St. Louis Cardinals second baseman Matt Carpenter (13) is congratulated by teammates

Cardinals Selling $10 Tickets For This Month's Cubs Series

(Y98) – When the St. Louis Cardinals host the Chicago Cubs later this month, fans will be able to get into the gate for just $10 thanks to a special ticket promotion. The Cards and McDonald’s are teaming up to bring back Ticketfest, a special discount ticket promotion for fans to experience one of...
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The Most Common "Forget My Life" Moments We All Deal With

A new study asked people to name the top "forget my life" (Their "f" meant another "f" word) moments they've had to deal with. Meaning times you feel annoyed, embarrassed, or just OVER it. Here are the top ten that were voted to be the most universal... 1. Returning a wave to someone who wasn't...
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Dating Deal Breakers

A new study asked people to name their biggest dating deal breakers. And here are the top 10... 1. Untrustworthiness. 2. Anger issues. 3. Bad hygiene. 4. Rudeness. 5. Selfishness. 6. Laziness. 7. Bad sense of humor. 8. Neediness. 9. Lots of credit card debt. 10. Different political views. Click...
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Starbucks "Month Of Free Coffee" Deal

Right now, you can buy a 16-ounce tumbler at Starbucks. It costs $40. BUT you can get it filled with free hot coffee or hot tea every single day in January. So if a coffee is around $2.50, you'd need to go to Starbucks 16 times to break even. But if you go all 31 days in January, you'll come out...
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Proven Ways To Deal With Picky Eating Kids

Here's something for parents of picky eaters. A recent study looked at different strategies we use to get our kids to eat stuff they don't like, and it found one strategy in particular that DOESN'T work... Offering them a REWARD for eating something they don't like isn’t a great strategy. And it...
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The Tasks Parents Deal With Before They Go To Work

A new study looked at what it takes to have kids AND work a full-time job. And it found the average working parent does up to 43 tasks before they even START work each day. The average parent in the study said they get up at 6:01 AM to make sure they can get everything done and feel like they've...
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Look: Boxer Signs Richest Sports Deal Ever

Boxer Canelo Alvarez just signed a five-year, 11-fight contract worth $365 million. It's the richest deal in sports history. Baseball star Giancarlo Stanton had the previous record, a 13-year, $325 million deal. Emocionado por esta extraordinaria alianza y por ver lo que podemos lograr !!------...
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Goal celebration from St. Louis Blues.

4 Blues Goals Means Krispy Kreme Doughnut Deal This Season

The deal is only for a dozen Original Glazed Doughnuts and only at the following locations.
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Watch: No Big Deal That Car Is On Fire

Somebody posted dashcam video of a car that's a couple of lanes over and driving while ON FIRE. It's going at a pretty good clip, and even passes a bus before it finally pulls over. Click Here to see the video.
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Chipotle's Teacher Appreciation Day Deal

Chipotle is offering a buy-one-get-one free deal for all teachers next Tuesday as part of Teacher Appreciation Day. Click Here to see more.
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