The Best And Worst States For Working Dads

WalletHub compared the 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia across different key indicators of friendliness toward working fathers to find out the BEST and WORST states. The BEST state was Massachusetts, the WORST state was Louisiana, and Missouri and Illinois both fall in the middle at...
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What Dads Really Wants For Father's Day

Father's Day is this Sunday, and a new survey asked dads what they want the most for Father's Day... 1. A phone call from my kids, 47%. 2. A big steak, 41%. 3. Some peace and quiet, 38%. 4. Watching a baseball game with the family, 38%. 5. A few beers, 35%. 6. A cheap, practical gift like socks or...
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Look: Amanda Seyfried And Her On Screen Dads

Here's AMANDA SEYFRIED with two of her movie dads: PIERCE BROSNAN from the "Mamma Mia" movies, and HUGH JACKMAN from "Les Mis". So there I am sitting in the airport lounge at Genva airport and who should walk into my day but Amanda and Hugh you both and all the work that you do ❤️safe...
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back to school

Dads Line Up to Cheer On Elementary School Kids on First Day of School

I absolutely love this story! Even though most dads may have bad jokes and dance moves they are always our biggest fans. Check out how a group of dads are celebrating students first day of school. Broward Elementary School started their first day of class with a line of dads cheering, clapping, and...
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The Most Condescending Things Dads Hate To Hear

A new survey asked dads what CONDESCENDING and patronizing things people say to them. And here are the 10 they hate the most... 1. Saying to their wife, "You've got him well trained." 2. "You're doing it wrong, you should do it like this." 3. "Are you disappointed the baby wasn't a boy?" 4. "Are...
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The Gifts Dads Actually Wants For Father's Day

A recent survey asked dads what they'd like to GET for Father's Day this year. So if you still haven't bought anything, here's some inspiration... The top 10 gifts dads want are a nice dinner out . . . a nice bottle of booze . . . a watch . . . a vacation . . . clothing . . . a smart speaker . . ...
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The Skills Modern Dads Need To Master

The skills that it takes to be a dad have changed a LOT, and a new survey found the skills that MODERN dads need to master, and here are 10 of the best ones... 1. Cooking a meal. 2. Setting up WiFi and a Netflix account. 3. Building IKEA furniture. 4. Setting up video game consoles. 5. Teaching the...
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The Best States For Working Dads

A new study looked at how easy it is for dads to work AND make time for their kids. And according to the results, the best states for working dads are Connecticut, Minnesota, Massachusetts, Vermont, and New Jersey. Click Here to see more.
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The Top TV Dads In Each State

Father's Day is coming up this Sunday, so the website put together a list of the most popular TV DADS in every state, using recent data from Google Trends. 29 different TV dads are represented, so a lot of them only carried one state. Overall, the most popular dad was Jack Pearson...
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Mens Underwear

Dads Protect Yourself With This New Underwear Product

Still looking for a Father's Day gift? We'll if you know a dad that worries about getting hit in the "family jewels" check out this new underwear out! FridaBalls, underwear designed to shelter a man's testicles. "Having kids is great — but being a dad can be a contact sport," the company wrote in...
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