Creed 2

Watch: Rocky And Drago "Creed 2" Brawl

Rocky and Ivan Drago were originally supposed to BRAWL in "Creed 2", but the scene got cut. So SYLVESTER STALLONE posted video of himself and DOLPH LUNDGREN rehearsing it. This was an early rehearsal for a short fight ROCKY was suppose to have with DRAGO in CREED 2 It took place in the hospital...
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Watch: "Creed II" Official Movie Trailer

Dolph Lundgren is back as Ivan Drago in the new trailer for "Creed 2". Video of Creed II - Official Trailer II
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Michael B. Jordan and Sylvester Stallone attending the European premiere of Creed held at the Empire Cinema in Leicester Square, London.

The Creed-Drago Rivalry Will Finally Break You in 'Creed II' Trailer

The latest film in the rebooted 'Rocky' movie franchise just released its official trailer... and by the way, 'Creed II' is setting up to up a throwback that'll bring us a full 360! Check it out.
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