Look: Wear A Cow Costume Get A Free Chick-fil-A Sandwich Tomorrow

If you wear a cow costume to Chick-fil-A tomorrow, you can get a free sandwich. Found this next to some hoofprints this morning… What do you think it means? Could it be related to #CowAppreciationDay next week? — Chick-fil-A, Inc. (@ChickfilA) July 5, 2019
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Look: Woman Coats Car In Cow Poop To Keep It Cool

A guy in Ahmedabad, India posted a picture of his neighbor's car on Facebook on Monday. It was over 110 degrees outside, so to keep cool, she covered her entire car in COW POOP. It's not clear if that actually DOES keep a car cool, or what that smells like in that heat. But in rural parts of India...
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Look: Cow Adopted By Deer

Last year, a four-month-old cow in upstate New York escaped while it was being sent to a slaughterhouse. Then it hid out in some woods, got adopted by a family of DEER, managed to survive the entire winter, and now it gets to live out the rest of its days on a 271-acre sanctuary in upstate New York...
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