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Courteney Cox

Watch: Courteney Cox Has To Chase Dogs Through Traffic

Courteney Cox lost control of her dogs on the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu on Wednesday, and had to chase them into traffic. A paparazzi photographer just happened to be nearby, and this time it was actually a GOOD thing because he got out of his car and helped her round up the dogs. He also got...
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Watch: The Grinch Scares Kids

A mom and dad in New Jersey posted video of a holiday photo shoot that didn't go as expected. It's their two kids at a Christmas tree lot, and they're sitting on a big chair and posing for a photo. The plan was to have someone dressed as the Grinch creep out from behind the trees to give them a big...
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turning 100

Look: 100-Year-Old Woman Celebrates Birthday At Taco Bell

A woman in Arizona who's turning 100 is celebrating her birthday at Taco Bell. Wanda Walston of #Tucson will be celebrating her upcoming 100th birthday at @tacobell ! She "partied" it up at Taco Bell on her 99th too. I love her style! #TacoBell —...
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Vanilla Yoo-Hoo

Look: Vanilla Yoo-Hoo

Vanilla Yoo-Hoo just hit stores. Who else loves yoo-hoo and isn't afraid to admit it? Here is the newest flavor... vanilla! Somehow I get lucky and stumble across a new flavor now and then. Found these at Walmart -- . . . . . #walmart #yoohoo #vanilla #drink #fit #fitness #foodstagram #fitstagram #...
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Christmas Tree Lot

Christmas Tree Shortage

Christmas tree prices may be higher this year because there's a lower supply. In some parts of the country, trees might even be $20 more than they were last year. Click Here to see more.
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The Highest Grossing Animated Movies Of All Time Worldwide

"Frozen 2" is FINALLY hitting theaters, and industry analysts are expecting it to make around $100 million in the U.S alone in its first weekend. That makes you wonder where it'll end up on the list of the highest-grossing animated movies of all time. One website put out a list of the current Top...
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social media

Watch: Punishing Teen By Taking Over Her Social Media

A couple in Texas is punishing their 15-year-old daughter for breaking the rules by taking over her social media for two weeks. And the embarrassing videos they're posting are now going viral.
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Hosting Thanksgiving

What To Do This Weekend If You Are Hosting Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is less than a week away, and if YOU'RE the one stuck hosting this year, it's crunch time. To help lighten your load next week, here are six things you should get out of the way this weekend . . . 1. Clean out your fridge. You'll need room for the turkey and all the extra ingredients...
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Holiday Family

A Break From Your Family During The Holidays

A new survey found the average person can only go 3 hours and 54 minutes with their family before they need a break. And only 25% of us can be with them for long stretches of time without going nuts. 95% of people did agree though that spending time with family around the holidays is important to...
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Thanksgiving Meal

The Cost Of Your Thanksgiving Day Meal

According to the study, it should only cost you $48.91 to serve 10 people at Thanksgiving. That's up only one cent from last year. So what can you buy for that money? Their dinner includes a 16-pound turkey . . . stuffing . . . sweet potatoes . . . rolls with butter . . . peas . . . cranberries...
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