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The Most Handsome Cities In America

A website called just released a list of the MOST HANDSOME cities in the U.S. Their rankings are based on how much the average man spends on personal care products and shaving products, and the average fitness level in the city. And based on that, the handsomest city in the...
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Pet Names

The Most Popular Pet Names For 2019 just released the results of its study into the most popular dog and cat names of 2019. And here's what they found . . . Female dogs: Bella . . . Luna . . . Lucy . . . Daisy . . . Lily. Male dogs: Max . . . Charlie . . . Cooper . . . Buddy . . . Rocky. Female cats: Luna . . . Bella . . ...
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Benedict Cumberbatch

Watch: Benedict Cumberbatch Teaches How To React To Bad Christmas Gifts

In a recent survey, people were asked what they usually say when pretending to like a present... 1. A simple "thank you." 81% of us do it. 2. "Awww!" 3. "I love it!" 4. "Wow!" 5. "You're so sweet." 6. "That's interesting." 7. "What made you think of this?" 8. "I've always wanted one of these." 9...
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job interview

The Worst Color To Wear To A Job Interview

CareerBuilder talked to over 2,000 hiring managers, and found that the worst color you can wear in an interview is ORANGE. 25% said orange makes you look more unprofessional than any other color. The MOST-professional color you can wear is blue. And black was a close second. According to the survey...
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Jay-Z's Music Returns To Spotify

So much for Tidal... JAY-Z celebrated his 50th birthday yesterday by putting his entire catalog back on Spotify. Jay bought Tidal for $56 million in 2014, but it still hasn't really taken off. A year after he bought it, he accused the previous owners of overstating their subscriber numbers. This...
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Bad Gift

The Worst Christmas Gifts

A new survey found the three most important keys to giving a thoughtful gift are the sentiment behind it, how useful the gift is, and whether or not it has a personalized touch. They also asked people to rank the WORST possible gifts you can get... 1. Shower gel. 2. Popcorn. 3. Socks. 4. A...
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Christmas Gift

Who We Are Buying Christmas Gifts For

A new survey found that we value our pets almost as much as our friends and more than our coworkers. The survey asked people who they're planning to buy gifts for, and pets were ALMOST as popular as friends. But they're DEFINITELY more popular than coworkers... 1. Family members. 75% will buy a...
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Bad Mood

Waking Up In A Bad Mood

According to a new study, we wake up in a bad mood 300 DAYS a year. That's basically five or six days out of every week and 82% of the year. And here's why... 1. We wake up too cold an average of 1.24 times a week. 2. We wake up too hot an average of 1.74 times a week. 3. Some loud noise wakes us...
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Brie Larson

IMDB's Biggest Stars Of 2019

The Internet Movie Database ( has released its list of the 10 biggest stars of 2019. It includes both movies and TV, and it's based on the number of page-clicks for actors and actresses this year. 1. Brie Larson. She starred in "Captain Marvel" and was also in "Avengers: Endgame". Marvel...
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Robert Deniro

AFI's Best Movies and TV Shows Of 2019

The American Film Institute released its annual lists of the best movies and TV shows of the year... The top movies in alphabetical order are . . . "1917", "The Farewell", "The Irishman", "Jojo Rabbit", "Joker", "Knives Out", "Little Women", "Marriage Story", "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood", and "...
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