Watch: Girl Scout's Cardi B Cookie Selling Rap

A ten-year-old Girl Scout in L.A. named Kiki Paschall posted a music video online to boost sales. She raps Girl Scout cookie lyrics to the Cardi B song "Money". Like, "Been in this game since 2014, selling them cookies is my thing. Buy Thin Mints or even S'mores. Please open up when I knock on your...
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Look: Oreo's "Most Stuf" Cookies

Oreo just announced they're going to be coming out with new "Most Stuf" cookies which will have more cream than ANY Oreos ever. Coming Soon! The MOST STUF Oreo! *actual product photo -- #thejunkfoodaisle #oreo #oreos #doublestuf #moststuf #cookie #cookies #chocolate #comingsoon...
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Look: Hot Chicken Wing And Wasabi Oreos

Oreo just released two new flavors in China: One with orange HOT CHICKEN WING cream, and one with green WASABI cream. And they use chocolate cookies for both, because nothing pairs with hot chicken wings and wasabi like chocolate. Innovation sensation: #TeamMDLZ @Oreo just launched two new BIG and...
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Look: Slurpee-Flavored Cookies

Well, it's about time. 7-Eleven is now selling Slurpee-flavored cookies... ( Click Here to see more.
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Look: Oreo's "State Fair Cookies"

Remember a few years ago, when Hostess started selling deep fried Twinkies in the freezer section at grocery stores? Oreo's "State Fair Cookies" are coming soon to Walmarts. And they come in two versions: With a vanilla covering, or a chocolate covering. You heat them up in the microwave, so we don...
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Gluten Free

Jen's Gluten-Free Cookie Recipe

So, I've been watching the latest season of Chef's Table on Netflix, and I became addicted to everything Christina Tosi bakes at Milk Bar in NYC. The problem is that I recently found out I can't eat gluten. That's a problem if you are craving cookies, pies, and cakes. Fortunately, I adapted...
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The Best And Worst Oreo Flavors

A food writer for bought all 29 varieties and tried all of them so he could rank them. His top five are... 1. Cinnamon Bun. 2. Oreo Minis. 3. Red Velvet. 4. Golden Birthday Cake. 5. Peanut Butter. And the five worst are . . . 1. Chocolate Cream Oreo Thins. 2. Mega Stuf with golden...
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National Oreo Day

It's National Oreo Day, and you can win a free Oreo-filled candy bar by going to the website Click Here to win yours!
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Dunkin' Donuts' New Girl Scout Cookie Coffees

Dunkin' Donuts has started selling three new coffee drinks that taste like Girl Scout cookies. The flavors are Thin Mint, Coconut Caramel, and Peanut Butter Cookie. Your favorite Girl Scout Cookie inspired coffee flavors are here and only at Dunkin'!!! -- -- — Dunkin'...
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Kevin the Intern with Girl Scout

Video: Is Kevin Smarter Than A Girl Scout?

Kevin isn't the brightest out of the company, but is he smarter than a girl scout? We decided to bring in a local girl scout to challenge him, and every question he gets wrong he has to pay for a box of girl scout cookies! Watch and see how he did!
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