The People We Are Nervous To Cook For

A new survey asked people who they're most nervous to cook for. And here are the results... 1. My parents, 40%. 2. Friends, 40%. 3. Extended family, 38%. 4. My mother-in-law, 35%. 5. My siblings, 35%. 6. My partner, 31%. 7. My father-in-law, 28%. 8. Coworkers, 22%. The top three reasons WHY people...
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The Foods That Most Americans Know How To Cook

A new survey asked Americans what foods they know how to make. And the 10 things that the most people know how to make are... 1. Scrambled eggs, 63% can make them. 37% can't! 2. Hamburgers, 62% can make them. 3. Grilled cheese, 58%. 4. Mashed potatoes, 58%. 5. Rice, 56%. 6. Mac and cheese, 54%. 7...
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Watch: Tony Danza And Josh Groban Cook Pasta

A new police show called "The Good Cop" premieres on Netflix today. It stars TONY DANZA and JOSH GROBAN, and they decided to promote it by cooking pasta together. Video of The Good Cop | Behind The Scenes: Protect and Serve with Tony Danza and Josh Groban
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How Meghan Markle Won Over Her Niece And Nephew

All eyes continue to be on Meghan Markle and how she is adapting to the Royal family. According to Yahoo! , she has won over her new niece and nephew by doing one thing ... The royal family has welcomed Meghan Markle with open arms. Since long before her royal wedding in May, Meghan has been...
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Chick-Fil-A Is Going To Start Selling Meal Kits For You To Make At Home

Chick-fil-A just announced they're going to sell meal kits, like the ones you can order from companies like Blue Apron. If you pick one up at their stores, it'll have all the ingredients for you to cook meals at home like Dijon chicken and chicken parmesan. The kits will cost $16 and at first, they...
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Look: Receipt Has Instructions For Cook To "Spit" In Burger

A guy in New York went out for dinner with his family on Father's Day. And when they got their receipt, it included a note from the waitress telling the cook to SPIT in his burger. Unfortunately, he'd already eaten it. EXCLUSIVE: On a scorching hot summer night, what’s better than a cold brew? Pair...
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