Do You Agree With This List Ranking Burger Toppings From Best To Worst?

The website Thrillist just ranked 12 different burger toppings from best to worst. It's not based off a study or survey or anything, just their subjective opinions. Here are the rankings: 1. Cheese. 2. Onions. 3. Condiments, including ketchup, mustard, thousand island, mayo and aioli, ranch, relish...
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Fried Chicken

Time to celebrate National Fried Chicken Day

Today is National Fried Chicken Day, but for 6% of Americans, that doesn't matter because EVERY day is Fried Chicken Day. What the what?!?!?! How can you eat fried chicken EVERY.SINGLE.DAY?!?!? A survey asked 1,000 people how often they eat fried chicken. 30% said once a month or less, 22% said...
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