Watch: "English For Beginners" Christmas Commercial

This is from 2016, but it's everywhere again. It's a three-minute Christmas commercial for an eBay-type company from Poland called Allegro. It features an elderly man who orders an "English for Beginners" kit online, and then practices constantly. He makes notes, listens to tapes, and studies...
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Watch: SNL's Children's Holiday Clothing Commercial

Enjoy this "Saturday Night Live" commercial that advertises thick winter clothes for children... And what kids really think about wearing them. Video of Children’s Clothing Ad - SNL
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Infamous ‘Peloton Wife’ Stars in Hilarious Ad for Ryan Reynolds’ Gin Company

Ryan Reynolds has a great sense of humor, which is on display in the latest ad for his brand, Aviation Gin. Reynolds and his team used the controversial Peloton ad as inspiration to put out a sequel starring the "Peloton Wife," Monica Ruiz. Ruiz’s role differed slightly in the gin ad. Instead of...
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'Peloton Husband' Speaks Out Amid Bike Ad Backlash

The Internet had a lot to say about a certain holiday commercial advertising a Peloton stationary bike. Now, an actor behind the controversy is speaking out. Sean Hunter is an actor and elementary school teacher living in Vancouver, Canada who originally thought that the commercial was another...
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Watch: Controversial Peloton Bike Christmas Gift Commercial

An ad for the exercise bike company Peloton has been going viral because it shows a woman getting a bike for Christmas and spending a year "progressing" from super in-shape to super SUPER in-shape. So, if you got a fitness-related holiday gift, like a gym membership or home workout equipment, would...
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Watch: Schwarzenegger/L.A. Clippers "Terminator" Commercial

I think more people would have checked out the new "Terminator" movie if they'd seen this great commercial. It's Arnold Schwarzenegger welcoming new Clippers stars Kawhi Leonard and Paul George to L.A. Kawhi has a reputation for being a "terminator" on the court, so when Arnold sees him at Gold's...
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Watch: "Skip The Dishes" With Jon Hamm

Jon Hamm stars in a series of funny commercials for a Canadian food delivery service called "Skip The Dishes," and this is one of the best. He's in the living room wearing a maple leaf sweater and telling his assistant that he's "officially Canadian." Video of SkipTheDishes feat Jon Hamm
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Watch: Longest Commercial Flight

A Qantas flight just set a record for the longest commercial flight ever: 19 hours and 16 minutes from New York to Sydney. A Qantas plane has completed the longest ever non-stop commercial flight after landing at Sydney Airport on Sunday morning. A total of 49 people took off from New York's JFK...
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Watch: President Trump Borrows Form A-Ha For New Campaign Ad

President Trump released a campaign ad using the "rotoscoping" technique made famous in A-HA's "Take On Me" video... But the band isn't happy. One member says, quote, "We make our music for everybody. We didn't intend to make our music part of a divisive campaign." The video still LOOKS cool,...
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Watch: AOL's "The Internet Is A Bad Thing" Commercial

We found an old America Online commercial from the mid 2000s called "The Internet Is A Bad Thing". It talks about how all the good stuff on the Internet could easily turn out bad. The scary part is that it's all come true! Video of aol ¨the internet is a bad thing´´ ad
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