Natty Light To Host Remote "Worldwide Commencement" For College Class Of 2020

Natty Light beer wants to toast to (drinking-age) grads this year in a way only Natty Light can: an “epic” remote celebration via Facebook Live.
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Dog Mascot

Look: College Dog Mascots Zoom Call

A bunch of NCAA dog mascots got on a Zoom call together
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The 90s

Watch: College Football Players Try To Identify Things From The 1990s

Before last night's college football championship, LSU and Clemson players tried to identify people and things from the '90s... It didn't go well. But can these @clemsonfb and @lsufootball players identify these 90's items? -- A post shared by ESPN (@espn) on Jan 13, 2020 at 8:03am PST
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Look: College Basketball Player In Short Shorts

Lester Quinones might be a freshman on the Memphis basketball team, but his shorts are OLD SCHOOL. Everyone’s worried about James Wiseman’s eligibility but the real story with Memphis basketball is Lester Quinones wearing his shorts tucked up like he’s playing in the 1970s.
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NCAA Allowing College Players To Earn Money Off Their Own Likenesses

The NCAA has made a big announcement: They're FINALLY relaxing their rules to allow college athletes the opportunity to "benefit" from the use of their name, image, and likeness. However, it's unclear how significant this is, because no new rules have been drafted yet. The NCAA said the athletes...
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Look: Sexy College Admissions Scandal Costume

There's a new sexy Halloween costume based on the college admissions scandal. It's just a tight orange crop top that has "Mom of the Year" crossed out with the word "INMATE" instead. And it comes with high-waisted, tight orange pants. If you want it, it's on sale now for $70. Can't row your way out...
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College Student Scams Scammers For Money

A 22-year-old college kid in Ireland has been scamming scammers into giving HIM money. Basically, he emails them a fake PayPal invoice to make it LOOK like he tried to transfer the money they asked for. Then he says it didn't go through, because his bank thought it was a scam. And he tells the...
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"I Need Beer Money" Sign Raises $5,000 For Charity

If you watched ESPN's "College GameDay" this weekend, there was a college kid in the background with a sign asking people to Venmo him beer money. And it worked... He ended up with THOUSANDS of dollars in his account. But instead of throwing a party, he's donating all the money to a children's...
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Top 20 colleges in the US includes Wash U report says

(KYKY) — Some local universities are getting national recognition in a new ranking from U.S. News & World Report. The report listed Webster University at No. 17 in the category of Regional Universities Midwest. In the same category, the University of Illinois-Springfield came in No. 33, and...
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Watch: Mascot Called For "Unsportsmanlike Conduct"

A mascot for Jackson State University cost his team an "unsportsmanlike conduct" penalty when he ran onto the field and got in the middle of a scrum after a touchdown. "Unsportsmanlike conduct, Jackson State mascot for coming onto the field." This actually happened -- —...
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