'One Tree Hill' Cast Members Reunite to Film Christmas Movie

( US99 ) - The one thing we love most about the One Tree Hill cast members is how much love they have for each other. Though there isn't an official "One Tree Hill" reboot in the works, that hasn't stopped the cast from reuniting to create some jolly holiday films for the fans. This year, they're...
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6 Ways to Go All Out for Christmas in July

Christmas in July is more than an ugly stepsister holiday. No one wants to wait for December to get in the Christmas spirit. It has a life of its own, so if you’re celebrating, don't just throw up a wreath and call it a day. Get imaginative, embrace the Christmas spirit and the warm weather, and...
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polar express

Video: Jill Devine and Her Family Ride The Polar Express

Every Holiday season I see friends post pics about their experience riding the Polar Express at St. Louis Union Station. I've always wanted to do it, but never have. That all changed this year! Jill Devine Brian, Lu, my parents, and I headed to the North Pole to see Santa and it was an experience I...
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bulldogs photoshoot

Video: Behind The Scenes With PUPPIES!

Video of Behind the Scenes: Puppy Photoshoot! Apple's professional photo shoot was with Lynn Terry Photography and when I was there for the photo shoot, I knew I had to capture Lynn in her "element" because it takes a very special (and patient) person to photograph animals. Lynn agreed to let me...
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When You Should Take Down You Christmas Lights

Doesn't it seem like you just got your Christmas lights up. So, let's talk about you taking them down.
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Jill Devine

Snapchat, Wrapping Paper, Slam Dunks, and More!

Happy Holidays!
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Parents Give Teachers Wine for Putting Up With Their Kid

Best. Gift. Idea. Ever.
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10 Bizarre & Fascinating Facts About Christmas

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Christmas Rage Room Lets You Wreck the Halls

A London “rage room” is offering people who are not having a holly jolly Christmas the chance to bash away, bash away, bash away all the symbols of the season.
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Photo: Mark Wahlberg's Christmas Card

Check out a SHIRTLESS Mark Wahlberg on his family Christmas card.
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