Hoarding Children's "Keepsakes"

The average parent has 1,293 keepsakes from their kids' childhood, according to a new survey. The top things we keep as mementos are photos . . . home movies . . . art projects from school . . . books . . . and drawings. Click Here to see more.
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Fake Childhood Memories

Your earliest childhood memories might be FAKE. According to a new study, for about 40% of us, we don't actually remember things from our early childhood, so we've just pieced together fake memories from pictures and stories. The study also found the most common types of early memories people claim...
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The Things We Miss Most About Our Childhood

According to a new survey, 67% of adults say they REALLY miss their childhood,and the average person says the best age was NINE. So what was so great? Here are the 10 things people miss the most... 1. School vacations. 2. The summers. 3. Playing outside with friends until it got too dark. 4. Not...
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Teddy Bear

84% of Men Still Have One of Their Childhood Teddy Bears

According to a new survey, 84% of men still have at least one of the stuffed animals from their childhood. So do 77% of women. 38% of women and 34% of men still CUDDLE with that stuffed animal. WAIT A SECOND! I'm not surprised by the number associated with women, but that many men have a stuffed...
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Photos: Some Of The Best Childhood Pictures Of The Stars

Here's an awesome gallery of childhood pictures of the stars including the "Sexiest Man Alive" BLAKE SHELTON.
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