cell phone

Cell Phone Habit That Might Mean Cheating

Here's a sneaky habit with a CELL Phone that might mean someone's cheating...
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Virtual Cheating Has Increased During Coronavirus Pandemic

Have you thought about cheating on your partner while social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic? Virtual cheating has actually increased during the COVID-19 crisis.
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Marwin Gonzalez

Former Astros Player Admits To Cheating

A Houston Astro is apologizing for cheating in 2017.
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Mike Bolsinger

Former Pitcher Mike Bolsinger Sues Astros Over Cheating Scandal

A former MLB pitcher is suing the Astros over the cheating scandal.
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"Micro-cheating" is basically when you do small things that FLIRT with infidelity, but you never get physical. And over 100,000 people recently took a survey on what counts as micro-cheating... 1. Following an ex on social media. Only 3% said it's cheating. 2. Deleting apps like Tinder from your...
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Look: Chess Grandmaster Caught On Toilet Cheating

A chess grandmaster was busted for cheating during a tournament last week when someone took a picture of him using his phone on the toilet during a match. Igors Rausis was a phenomenon in chess until a sudden move this week put his career in check — The Times (@thetimes)...
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Look: Man Shoots At Friend And Cheating Wife In Hot Tub

A guy in Florida was in his hot tub last month with his wife and a friend. He eventually left to go to sleep, and his wife and the other guy started getting-it-on. When he woke up and saw that, he fired two shots to scare them... So he was arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Here'...
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Temptation Island is Back After 15 Years!

A familiar debauchery is back knocking on the door of guilty obsession TV tonight! But I wonder if it will have enough "grit" to turn eyes in the age of swipe right or left? 15 years ago “Temptation Island” seemed like a bit much to me. I remember wondering how any relationship could make it out of...
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