Why You Should Donate Old Comforters And Pillows To Animal Shelters

Do you have old comforters, blankets, pillows, towels, or drapes that you're looking to get rid of? Then donate them to an animal shelter. According to Lifehacker , shelters will often accept your spare textiles and linens and use them as bedding for animals. It's a win-win situation: You'll be...
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National Respect Your Cat Day

Today is National Respect Your Cat Day, and according to a new survey of cat owners, we might just respect them a little TOO MUCH already. Check this out... 1. 64% say they'd rather spend a quiet night alone with their cat than their significant other. 2. 37% say their cat "gets them" better than...
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Courtney's Canine Clips: Pit Bull Is Afraid Of House Cat

A woman posted video where she's calling her pit bull to come to her, but he's afraid to walk past the cat which is just sitting there minding its own business. Eventually, the dog "tiptoes" past it, but tries very hard to NOT make eye contact. And when he does, he freezes. It's worth it just to...
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This St. Louis Masked Singer Picked the Puurrrfet Song

This kitten has got you covered on St. Louis sports! Who could it be!? Here are a few clues to help you out: This kitten is from St. Louis and a Mizzou grad. Sometimes this kitten gets mistaken as Frodo. Finally, if it happens on the field in St. Louis this cat has got you covered. Who is the St...
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Courtney's Cat Clips: Autotuned Cat's Meow

Some guy autotuned his cat meowing and then posted the clip online. People started writing in the comments section that it made their cat act weird, and in some cases, really weird. Video of Autotuned Cat [the original]
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Courtney's Cat Clips: Man Rescues Cat Caught On Frozen Lake

In case you haven't seen this: It happened over the holidays, but it's getting a second life. A guy in Indiana saw a cat stranded on a partially frozen lake, so he stripped down to his underwear and dove in to rescue it. Video of Guy Dives Into Frozen Lake To Save Stranded Cat
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Apple and Lu

Tips For Introducing Pets To Your Baby

Even though we recently went through this with Lu and Apple, we still need to keep in mind we are adding another baby to the family and we need to properly introduce her to Apple. Whether you are bringing home your first baby or fourth, here are some great tips from Pregnant Chicken : First let me...
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Courtney's Cat Clips: Frankie Muniz's Cat Floods The House

Frankie Muniz's house was decimated by a flood last week, and it happened because his CAT "accidentally" turned on a sink while he was out of the country. Frankie says everything he owns has been destroyed. I arrived home from my uncle's funeral to find 4 of my 5 story brownstone home under 3 feet...
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Courtney's Cat Clips: Cat On The Cat Walk

A video is making the rounds of a cat that got onto the runway of a fashion show in Istanbul and started cleaning itself as the models walked by. Happy #NationalCatDay --to all the cats who KNOW they're the stars of the show . . . RT @bodegacats_ : — Chase's Calendar (@...
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National Cat Day

Today is National Cat Day, and here are the results from a new survey in honor of the holiday... 1. 44% of people say they have a cat. And of those people, around three out of five only have one cat. 2. 14% of people say they're a "cat person." 46% are a "dog person." 35% love both equally. And the...
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