Reminder: Run Your Car 'Once a Week' During COVID-19 Pandemic

One thing you might have lost track of by staying at home during the pandemic is your car. It’s important to run it every once in a while to avoid some typical problems. See the details.
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dog on car horn

Watch: Dog Uses Car Horn

Somebody in Australia posted video of a dog sitting in the driver's seat of a parked car and honking the horn over and over. He keeps the beeping going until his owner shows up and lets him out. I used to do the same when mum went in to the supermarket without me. -- Surprised he didn’t take off...
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Exxon Customers Can Soon Use Alexa to Pay for Gas from the Car

"Alexa, pay for my gas." If you have Amazon's Alexa , you probably know you can already turn on and off the lights at home, buy movie tickets and find cool restaurant recommendations. Now, drivers will soon be able to use Alexa to pay for gas while sitting in their vehicle. Alexa will now pay for...
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car jumping prize

Watch: Car Goes Airborne At Dealership

Security video from an auto dealership in Citrus County, Florida filmed a car FLYING over dozens of cars sitting in the lot. It also just missed a customer. A second camera filmed it hitting two cars after it landed. The driver had a medical issue and lost control of the car, which left the highway...
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Watch: Police Save Woman From Burning Car

If you haven't seen this footage, it's pretty crazy. Two police officers in Virginia responded to a crash on Friday, and pulled a 57-year-old woman from a burning car JUST in time. One of their chest-cams got the whole thing on video. Video of Woman Saved From Burning Car
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Your Favorite Car Color

If you recently bought a car, there's a 76% chance you chose one of these four colors: white, black, gray, or silver. A car paint company called Axalta puts out a report each year on the most popular car colors. And white is #1 in North America for the 13th year in a row. The last time the top...
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Watch: Man Caught Keying A Car

Here's another clip of a car's side camera filming someone keying their car, and then walking away. It happened October 29th at a restaurant in Chelan, Washington. The owner posted it hoping someone will recognize the man. Video of SOB Keyed my identify him.
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"Bumper Cars On Ice" Coming To St. Louis

"Bumper Cars on Ice" is coming to St. Louis in March of 2020, and it’s much more than just you sliding across the rink like a giant curling stone. At this party, there will also be a bar on site serving alcohol, making it into a club event. Tickets are $30 and include a twelve minute bumper car ice...
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Watch: Tow Truck Triver Puts Up No Parking Sign To Tow Car

A tow truck driver in Texas was caught on camera putting up a no parking sign so he could tow an elderly couple's truck. Click Here to watch the video and see more.
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Watch: Haunted Car Wash

Now this is a really COOL idea, it's a HAUNTED CAR WASH... Video of HAUNTED CAR WASH ! HALLOWEEN 2019 at Rainforest Car Wash Brunswick Ohio
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