Expiration Date

Foods That You Can Still Eat After The Expiration Date

A list of foods that you CAN still eat after their expiration date includes...
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Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Traditions That Still Can Be Done At Home

Easter traditions that STILL can be done at home include...
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Easter Activities That You Can Still Enjoy While Social Distancing

Here are a few Easter activities that you can STILL do while quarantined.
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The Websites You Can Trust For Coronavirus Information

Here are a few websites that you can TRUST when getting information about the Coronavirus.
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dog harness

Look: New Dog Harness Can Tell Your Dog's Feelings

A company has created a dog harness that tells you how your dog is FEELING. It interprets your dog's heart rate patterns to let you know if they're stressed, excited, relaxed, and more. They should go on sale later this year. There’s more to a tail than meets the wag. Japanese company Langualess...
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can opener

Watch: Teen Doesn't Know How To Work Can Opener

Even if no one ever showed you how to use a can opener, you could figure it out, right? Well, this 16-year-old couldn't. He spends close to a minute with the opener and the can . . . and never gets close. His brother-in-law is filming it, and when he's asked if he's going to help, he says no. He'd...
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The States That Can Hold Their Liquor

The website ranked all 50 states according to how well people can hold their liquor. They asked 2,500 people how many beers they have to drink before they start feeling drunk. And according to the results, the state with the highest tolerance is ARIZONA at just over 4 beers. The...
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Look: Bud Light's Post Malone Can

Bud Light is coming out with a special edition can with POST MALONE's face on it. ( Click Here to see more.
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Self-Driving Garbage Can

A company is now developing a SELF-DRIVING GARBAGE CAN that will wheel itself to the curb for trash pick up. Click Here to see more.
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Weird Things You Can And Cannot Carry On A Plane

Today's the best day to book plane tickets for Christmas, according to a study out this week, and here are some WEIRD things you're not allowed to carry on to a plane... 1. Magic 8 Balls. Because of the liquid inside. 2. Bowling pins. So if you're a professional juggler, you'll have to check them...
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