Visiting Brother's Complaint List

A woman in the U.K. recently had to deal with her husband's brother when he stayed with them for three days. And he complained the whole time. She wrote down TWENTY-FOUR complaints he made, and posted them online. Here are the 10 craziest complaints he made... 1. Their front gate was too squeaky. 2...
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Watch: Lottery Winner Helps Autistic Brother

A 24-year-old guy in England recently hit the lottery, and won $12,000 a month for 30 years. And he's planning to use a big chunk of his monthly income to care for his brother, who has a severe form of autism. Video of Set For Life winner Dean Weymes has screenwriting ambitions
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Watch: Baby Laughs When Brother Gargles

A family posted video of their baby laughing hysterically every time his brother gargles. Video of Baby Laughs Hysterically When Elder Brother Gargles Water in Mouth - 1057459
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Dylan Dreyer

Parenting Advice From The TODAY Team For Dylan Dreyer

I was so excited to hear TODAY's Dylan Dreyer is expecting baby #2! Her co-workers offered her some advice and I was shaking my head in agreement because when you go from baby #1 to baby #2, there are a lot of questions you have ... such as, how can you love your second child as much as your first...
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Watch: Brad Pitt's Brother Recreates "Seven" Ending For Beer Commercial

Brad Pitt's younger brother DOUG recreated the end of the movie "Seven" for a beer commercial. The beer company is donating some of the profits to a charity Doug founded to help financially disadvantaged kids. Video of 6ix
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John Legend

Look: John Legend And Chrissy Teigen's Kids

Chrissy Teigen posted some pictures of her kids, Luna and Miles, at bath time. Even though Miles is only 4 months old, he's already basically a clone of his dad, John Legend. baby bucket A post shared by chrissy teigen (@chrissyteigen) on Oct 7, 2018 at 6:55pm PDT *heart explodes* and heads up, if...
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Look: Forest Whitaker's Brother Kenn

Forest Whitaker has a look-alike brother named Kenn. Believe it or not, they're not twins. Kenn is two years younger. I've been confused my whole life. These are two different people. Both Actors but two different people. Meet Kenn Whitaker and Forrest Whitaker---- — Man'...
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Watch: Brother Pranks Groom During Garter Removal

A bride pranked her new husband by having HIS BROTHER take her place during the garter removal. The husband agreed to be blindfolded, which is why he didn't know what was going on until it was too late. Video of Brother Pranks Groom by Replacing Bride During Garter Removal - 1000450
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Look: Pink's Daughter Tries To Tattoo Little Brother

Pink's 7-year-old daughter Willow decided to "tattoo" her baby brother. Willz hooked Jamo up with some tattoos -- A post shared by Carey Hart (@hartluck) on
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Meghan Markle's Estranged Brother Writes a Letter to Prince Harry

Meghan Markle’s estranged half-brother Thomas Markle Jr. has penned a scathing open letter in which he warns Prince Harry that marrying the Suits actress is a terrible idea. “It’s not too late,” he writes in a handwritten note shared by In Touch. “Meghn Markle is obviously not the right woman for...
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