blue man

Look: Man Tattoos Entire Body Blue

A man from Canada has tattooed his entire body BLUE.
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food in hand

Full-Body Taste

Apparently we have taste bud receptors all over our bodies. So if you put food on different parts of your body, would you be able to taste it? A doctor says probably not, because, quote, "Just because you have taste buds in that area doesn't mean you can physically taste those flavors." But hey, it...
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Prepping Your Body For Cold Weather

It takes our bodies a while to adjust to cold weather. But they DO adapt. Studies have found we tend to shiver more at the beginning of winter than at the end. Because by January, we're used to it. But there are a couple of ways to make your body adjust more quickly: A fast way, and a REALLY fast...
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Things That Happen To Your Body When You Sit All Day

Here are four bad things that happen to you when you spend too much of your time SITTING... 1. Weaker bones. Moving around prompts your body to replace old bone tissue. And if you don't move around enough, it doesn't happen. So you end up with weaker bones. 2. Depression and anxiety. And it can...
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Look: ESPN's "The Body Issue" For 2019

Click Here to see some of the amazing physiques on display in "ESPN the Magazine's" Body Issue.
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Men And Body Hair

According to a new poll, over half of men today are ashamed of their own BODY HAIR. 55% of guys said they sometimes feel embarrassed about their hairy areas, including one in five who feel that way "often." 40% are ashamed of their chest hair, and 35% are embarrassed about back hair. Here are four...
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Look: Dead Body Is Actually Early Halloween Decoration

A woman in New Brunswick, Canada bought a realistic-looking Halloween skeleton decoration for $2 at a garage sale earlier this month and left it in her car. And someone wound up calling the cops because they thought it might be a real dead body.
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What Happens To Your Body Every Time You Drink A Soda

If you've been wanting to kick your soda habit, maybe this will help motivate you. It's a breakdown of exactly what happens to your body every time you drink a soda or other sugary drink... 1. Your blood sugar spikes. Within the first 15 minutes of drinking a soda, your intestines send the sugar...
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Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood Vows To Appreciate What Her Body Can And Cannot Do

Carrie Underwood posted a photo on Instagram of herself in her workout clothes, and she looks amazing. But her caption doesn't agree. It starts off with her saying she's having a tough time bouncing back after giving birth to Jacob in January. She can't run as fast, or lift as much weight as she...
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Things That Happen To Your Body When You Hate Your Job

Even if you love your job, you probably have days when you hate it. But if it starts to be MOST days, you might need to change things up. Here are four negative effects the added stress of hating your job can have on your body... 1. It can cause headaches. The extra stress can make the muscles in...
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