Jim Pam

The Best TV Couples Of All Time

Check out a list of the BEST TV COUPLES EVER.
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Bruno Mars

Listen: The Best Wake Up Songs

Our listeners give us their favorite SONS to WAKE UP to.
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Huey Lewis

The Best Movie Theme Songs Of The 1980s

Here's a list of the BEST movie theme songs of the 1980s.
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The Best States For Singles

Here are the BEST and WORST states for single people who don't want to be single anymore.
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Ad-Meter's Best-Rated And Worst-Rated Super Bowl Commercials

Here are the BEST and WORST commercials from Sunday's Super Bowl according to Ad-Meter.
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Super Bowl

The Best Super Bowls Of All Time

Here are the BEST Super Bowls.
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The Worst And Best Super Bowl Halftime Shows

"Rolling Stone" has a list of the WORST and BEST Super Bowl Halftime Shows. Here are the five WORST: 1. The Black Eyed Peas, 2011. It also featured Usher and Slash. 2. "Everything From 1967-1989", which was before the show was turned into an event. "Rolling Stone" describes it as "a low-budget blur...
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Best Picture Oscar Winners Ranked

"Business Insider" looked at the CRITIC scores on Rotten Tomatoes for the 91 Best Picture winners, and ranked them from WORST to FIRST. They broke ties by using the movies' AUDIENCE scores. And if those were the same, the movie with more user ratings came out on top. Here are the 10 WORST: 1. "The...
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St. Louis Considered One Of The Best Places To Visit In 2020

St. Louis makes a new list from "Forbes" as one of the BEST places to visit in 2020. Here's just a little of what they said... "Why doesn’t everyone visit St. Louis, Missouri? And frankly, move there? As American cities go, it’s as vibrant, diverse and hip as it gets, and if that’s surprising, stop...
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The Best Hangover Foods

Here are the best options for what to eat and drink if you’re nursing a post-New Year’s hangover: Black currants Research suggests that black currants, the vitamin C-rich fruit loaded with antioxidants, are the ultimate hangover helper said to assist the body in breaking down alcohol. Tomato juice...
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