Jennifer Garner

Look: Jennifer Garner's Son Writes Her A Check For Being His Mom

Jennifer Garner's son wrote her a check for being his mom... Which is apparently worth $168.42. Apparently, birthing and raising someone is valued at $168.42. I guess I should keep my day job. -- #iwouldbehismamaforfree #ohwaitialreadyam #--------♥️ A post shared by Jennifer Garner (@jennifer...
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Look: Adele Accused Of Looking "Too Skinny"

In a recent picture, Adele is now being accused of being "TOO SKINNY". wait adele looks way too skinny here should we get worried? — andrea (@witnessandrea) January 4, 2020
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Melanie Griffith Fined $80,000 For Once "Being Late"

Melanie Griffith showed up to the set of "Working Girl" wasted one day, and had to pay $80,000 for causing a delay in shooting. She says, quote, "It was the late '80s. There was a lot of cocaine. There was a lot of temptation." Click Here to see more.
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Look: Emma Watson Comes To Terms With Being "Single"

Emma Watson is almost 30, and she's finally come to terms with not having a husband, kids, and all that supposedly grown-up stuff. She says, quote, "It took me a long time, but I'm very happy [being single>. I call it being SELF-PARTNERED." Thank you @britishvogue & @edward_enninful for letting...
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Being Humble

A new survey on humility asked people how humble they are. And a large percentage of us think we're REALLY good at staying humble. 32% of people said they're "very humble," and another 49% said "somewhat humble." So 81% of us think we're humble to some degree. 9% said they're not humble, including...
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Watch: Jessica Beil Caught Not Being An *NSYNC Fan

Jimmy Fallon ambushed Jessica Beil last night with video from a 1999 interview where she said she wasn't an 'N SYNC fan. . @JessicaBiel reacts to a 1999 clip where she admits she's not an *NSYNC fan. More with @JessicaBiel on #FallonTonight ! — Fallon Tonight (@...
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"Be Kind To Somebody Today" Story

Courtney read this story on the air this morning, and we thought we should share it online. It's about a "little old lady" and how she was incredibly KIND to a young man at a bookstore. Click Here to read the story.
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The Top Country Songs About Being Single

The Boot has a list of 10 songs about being single. Here's their Top 10... 1. "Man! I Feel Like a Woman", Shania Twain 2. "You Broke Up With Me", Walker Hayes 3. "How Am I Doin'", Dierks Bentley 4. "When It Rains It Pours", Luke Combs 5. "How Do You Like Me Now?!", Toby Keith 6. "Miss Me More",...
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Being Superstitious

It's Friday the 13th AND there's a full moon tonight. Which won't happen again for another 30 years. And if that makes you squirm a little, you're not alone. Almost a third of Americans in a new survey admitted they're superstitious including 9% who said they're VERY superstitious. That's about 1...
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Celebrities Tricked Into Buying Fake Diamonds

A jeweler says a lot of celebrities are being tricked into buying lab-grown diamonds that they think are real. He claims he sees synthetic stones on a daily basis from people who THINK they have actual diamonds. Click Here to see more.
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