Mom Sits In on Son’s Math Class After He Kept Misbehaving

(98.7 KLUV) Becky Crandley was tired of hearing about her son misbehaving in school. She kept receiving reports of her son Harley showing a “bad attitude,” so she decided to take drastic measures. Becky told Metro, “I constantly threatened that I’d sit with him in school if needed, and he always...
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Tattoos And Reckless Behaivor

According to a new study out of Canada, people who get visible tattoos are more likely to be RECKLESS and IMPULSIVE than people with no tattoos or tattoos in spots they can cover up. The researchers also found people without visible tattoos think longer about financial decisions, and they wind up...
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Watch: Casey Affleck Apologizes for His "Unprofessional" Behavior

Casey Affleck settled two sexual harassment lawsuits in 2010, and in the wake of the #MeToo movement, he sat down with AP and says he's "sorry" for being "unprofessional," and that he's "been listening a lot to this conversation . . . and learned a lot." Video of Casey Affleck full interview with AP
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