Look: I Make "700 Pounds A Beef A Year" Tweet

A guy on Twitter angrily tweeted that he's upset women would rather have a, quote, "loser than a provider" like him. He says he makes good money and, quote, "700 pounds of beef a year." As you'd expect, people are enjoying THAT. My housing is paid for. I make a good salary. I get health insurance,...
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The Fast Food Chains With the Best and Worst Beef

A new survey is sure to cause a lot of beef with restaurant chains. Consumer Reports’ Chain Reaction V, which rates the 25 most popular U.S food establishments based on how much antibiotics are found in their beef, just gave an F to 15 of the biggest franchises, reported the NY Post . Our new " #...
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McDonald's Now Serving Fresh Beef

Yesterday, believe it or not, McDonald's started serving fresh beef. About 3,500 McDonald's around the country rolled out fresh beef for the Quarter Pounders and other more expensive burgers yesterday, and pretty much all of the rest of its locations will join in by May. Cheaper sandwiches like...
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